The Flying Camera - photographs by Scott Davis
I fell in love with the magic of photography when I made my first darkroom print. My original goal was to just learn enough to use photographs as subject matter for painting and drawing. But when that first print emerged in the developer under the red glow of the safelight, I was hooked and I knew right then the camera would be my companion for the rest of my life. 

-Scott Davis

Scott Davis is a Resident Photographer at Washington School of Photography and an Instructor at Glen Echo Photoworks where he teaches antique and historic processes. When not teaching or shooting for private clients, he exhibits his personal projects around the Washington DC area. His publication credits include Metropolitan Home, Metalsmith, Creative Image Maker, Rice Paper and Rangefinder. He counts Stephen John Philips and John Dugdale as mentors and influences.

His portrait philosophy:

My goal is to go beyond producing portraiture that is functional documentation. I want to use my creativity and vision to produce iconic representations of your spirit and character. You do not have your portrait taken by me; rather you make your portrait with me. I use vintage tools and antique techniques and processes in a contemporary style to create not mere photographs but tangible art objects you will be proud to display in your home and pass on to future generations.


He blogs about his photography, vintage image collection, and anything else that happens to cross his mind (and most of the time is at least vaguely photography related) at .

Me with my 14x17 camera at Eastern State Penitentiary
Photo courtesy Tom Finzel, © 2012